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Responsive Web Design is Smart Thinking to Reach People with Smart Phones

Responsive Web Design is Smart Thinking to Reach People with Smart Phones

When I bought my first smart phone, the idea of “responsive web design” wasn’t even considered. My first smart phone was an iPhone 3. The term “responsive web design” wasn’t used until the iPhone 3GS came out. I was only slightly ahead of the curve. But it was a unique experience. I’d pull out my phone at the grocery store or when I was out meeting friends and, inevitably, someone would say, “Oh! Is that the new iPhone? Can I see it?” Many “oohs” and “ahhs” later, I’d get my phone back after it had been passed from person to person. I would have to give little demonstrations and show people how to “pinch and zoom” when surfing the web in order to read the miniscule text on websites. Today? The only way I could get that kind of reaction would be if I pulled out an iPhone 6 Plus… in the second week of September. One in every 2 adults owns a smart phone in 2014. According to Statista.com, 5 billion people will own mobile phones by 2017.

So… do you have a smart phone? How do you use it? I think about this a lot. I often think that I have hundreds of apps on the phone but I only use a small, core group of them. But this morning, I realized that I use many more apps than I realize. I was only counting the third party apps that I use most often. That would be Google Maps, eBay, IMDb (I love to use it while watching movies), the app that turns our alarm system on and off, Etsy, Amazon, One Kings Lane, Houzz, Craigslist, SkyMotion, a number of apps that I use for business for billing and sending quotes, my banking app, a few games (solitaire is addicting but I’m over Angry Birds. Who has the time?), Shazam, Facebook, and Twitter. I also use the Hue app to control our lights but I mostly just set ’em and forget ’em. The app just does its thing. But I kinda forget that the phone is an app and I use the phone all the time. Messages, the app that I use to send texts… that’s an app that I use daily. My Address Book, the Notes App, the Clock App, the Camera App, the Photos app, iTunes, Music, the Calendar, the Calculator, iBooks… wow! I guess I use the apps on my phone a lot more than I realize. But mostly? I use the Safari app. I surf the web on my phone day in and day out.

Even when I’m sitting in front of my computer, I use my phone constantly to research whatever interests me at the time. When my husband and I go out, he does the driving and I do the surfing. I look up the address of the restaurant where we are going. I might call friends and look up a place for all of us to meet. With so many of the bigger brands using responsive web design on their websites, one gets accustomed to the ease of use of responsive websites. And suddenly, having to “pinch and zoom” is no longer cool or enjoyable. I’ve been gradually moving my clients’ websites over to responsive web design… just in the nick of time.

Infographic: 5 Billion People to Use Mobile Phones by 2017 | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

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