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Responsive Website Design Levels the Playing Field

Responsive Website Design Levels the Playing Field

Once upon a time, people sat around the fire telling stories that had been handed down verbally from generation to generation. Then, Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type and the printing press. His invention changed everything… books that were once hand-written on parchment made from animal skin – in Latin, no less – were now produced quickly and with much less effort, on paper and in various languages according to demand by the people buying the books. Everyone still sat around the fireplace but now they read stories from books. What progress! Then along comes electricity and… people sat around the radio, listening to stories and getting the news. Then along comes television… in black and white. Then color! Oh what a day it was when my parents brought home our first color TV. But my friend Shirley who lived next door had a TV with a remote! Wow! We had to get up out of our chairs and we actually had to walk over to the TV set to turn it on or off or to turn the volume up or down. Not Shirley. I envied her over that remote. Not because I was lazy. I just thought it was cool and I wanted to be able to turn our TV on with the click of a button.

Next, we all had calculators. I actually remember the first time I saw a calculator. My brother George bought one and brought it home. It was expensive. I could be wrong – I think I was only about 8 or 9 years old – but I think my brother paid about $300 for his calculator. Several years later, everyone had them and they could be bought for a whole lot less than $300. These days, I have to wonder how well calculators are selling. One in two adults now have smartphones or tablets… with calculator apps. But I digress. After calculators came computers. While programmable computers have been around since the 1930s, no one would think to put one of those bad boys in your home… on your desk. So, first we had floppy disks, then we had networking, and then we had consumer computers. Then, we had to have word processing software to use on these consumer computers. Next came MS-DOS and then… ta da! Graphical user interface… Apple invented the Apple Lisa Computer in 1983. And in 1984 (it was a very good year), Apple invented the Apple Macintosh, the affordable home computer that utilized (again) a graphical user interface. Next came laptops. Then cell phones. Then smartphones and tablets. And now? Smartphones and tablets are everywhere!

And now comes the point of this blog post… your website needs to conform to the various shapes and sizes of all this new technology. No more pinching and zooming to see your website. Just as it was uncool to have to get up and change the channel on our TV, no one should have to pinch and zoom anymore on their smartphones and tablets. People need to be able to read your text easily. You need responsive website design. Your website needs to respond to the smart devices available today and it needs to be flexible to adapt to devices of the future. One website that works on many devices. All the big brands are making their websites adapt to the sizes of the smart technology available today.

And that’s where we come in. Margaret’s Folly specializes in affordable responsive website design and search engine optimization and elegant web design. You don’t need a big budget to keep up with the big brands. We can level the playing field for you. Visit our portfolio and see for yourselves what Margaret’s Folly can do. We’d love to help your business grow. We’d love to help your business compete with the big boys. Call us today at 203-768-9553 and learn how affordable responsive website design by CT website design firm Margaret’s Folly can help you reach your business goals.

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